MIRIA 1.061 beta

* source code http://miria.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/changesets
* documentation http://miria.codeplex.com/documentation


Download latest release from the source code repository...
... demo available, see it in action here ->  http://generoso.info .

MIRIAWeb demo : mouse,touch,kinect and wiiremote interaction (2011) 

UIKitShowCase demo (2009-2010) example project


Online version http://win.generoso.info/miriademo/MIRIAWebTestPage.html



MIRIA SDK consist in a set of Multitouch ready and Gestures based User Controls for Silverlight, MIRIA.UIKit, that eventually takes advantage of monoMIG application to make possible interaction with other devices like Wii Remote, Kinect Sensor or other Multitouch TUIO surfaces. For more information about monoMIG project see http://sourceforge.net/projects/mono-mig/. For more informations about TUIO multitouch surfaces just google it =)

Through MIRIA you can:
- enable your application to handle Windows 7 / Silverlight multitouch input very easily by using MIRIA.Multitouch.TouchListener class
- accurately recognize and handle hand gestures by using MIRIA.Gestures.Interpreter class
- easily track fingers from multitouch input by accessing MIRIA.Gestures.Interpreter.Fingers collection to obtain coordinates, angle, path length for each "finger"
- enable your application to receive input from many devices at the same time (multitouch device, accelerometers, game controllers like Wii-Remote or Microsoft Kinect!)
- design your application to handle multitouch events and still make it capable to be controlled by mouse with no extra event handling / coding

Click here to view the video.

What's in the box

MIRIA.UIKit contains user controls that support standard Windows 7 multitouch displays, OSC/TUIO multitouch surfaces and any other OSC/TUIO capable device.
Currently available controls and supported events:
- Button (Tapped, Pressed, Released, Drag)
- Canvas (Rotate, Translate, Scale, Tap, Hold, Release, GestureDetected)
- ListView (Tapped)
- ScrollView (Tapped, OnHold)
- MultiScaleImage (no events callback though builtin support for scale and translate gestures - see Gallery and VirtualEarth demos)

MIRIA is also shipped with a built-in Gesture Interpreter, feature that Silverlight itself is missing.

MIRIA.Gestures.TouchGestures recognize the following gestures:
- Hold (hold a finger down for a little)
- Tap (quickly put on and lift up a finger)
- Translate (move your fingers)
- Rotate (rotate gesture with two fingers)
- Scale (pinch in/out the screen with two fingers)
- Slide North/East/South/West/Nw/Ne/Sw/Se (slide two fingers in the desired direction)


MIRIA.Interaction enables interaction between MIRIA.UIKit controls and the following device listeners:
- MultiTouch.Touchlistener
- WiiRemote.WiiRemoteListener
- NiteKinect.KinectListener

A note about monoMIG application

To use non standard device with MIRIA you need to install and run the monoMIG application (Multi Input Gateway). MIG will forward input received by those devices to your Silverlight/Moonlight application. MIG has a plugin architecture and you can also develop your own input plugin to get input from any desired device/software.

The current release of monoMIG supports following devices:
- OSC/TUIO Surfaces
- Nintendo Wii Remote
- Microsoft Kinect

Planned MIG plugins:
- Other Nintendo Wii devices (such as Wii-Guitar, Wii-fit, etc..)
- Speech recognition
- Face detect and recognition

The Ball Game contained in the Examples folder is a demonstration of a simple game driven by Wii Remote controller.

MIG also allow you to use your IPod touch/IPhone as a multitouch pad to remotely control your PC using gestures (a thirth party software is required on the IPod/IPhone such as OSCemote http://lux.vu/blog/oscemote/).

To let your Silverlight web application receive input from multiple device, MIG must be running and properly configured.

You don't need MIG if you just plan to use a standard Windows 7 multitouch input.

Link to monoMIG project on source force is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mono-mig/

Older examples and videos

(some may not work)

Miria and HP Touchsmart TX2 Tablet PC (N-Trig DuoSense with 4 touch points)

PerspectivePanel example project
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VV8xeBLTf8
Online version http://win.generoso.info/MIRIA-Web/PerspectivePanelTestPage.html

Miria and HP Touchsmart IQ830it (NextWindow with 2 touch points)
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnLCIEYgBJU

MIRIA UIKit Showcase
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dziBL7PHBGU (using TouchSmart TX2)
Online version http://win.generoso.info/MIRIA-Web/UIKitShowcaseTestPage.html

Ball Game
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBMUGoIjA24
Online version http://win.generoso.info/MIRIA-Web/BallGameTestPage.html
(You need an IPod/IPhone to play it =D)

Multiscale Image Gallery
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0443J_XA57Q
Online version http://win.generoso.info/MIRIA-Web/GalleryTestPage.html
(You can use a multitouch device or mouse to control it)

Multiscale Virtual Earth
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPwGbaTIdEo
Online version http://win.generoso.info/MIRIA-Web/VirtualEarthTestPage.html
(You can use a multitouch device or mouse to control it)

Farseer Physics Engine DEMO adapted for MIRIA and Multitouch input
Online version http://www.generoso.info/gene/miria/farseer/

MIG remotepad feature demonstration
Video http://www.generoso.info/gene/demos/miria_mig/mig01/MIG08.swf
Using IPod Touch/IPhone as a remote multitouch pad to control Windows by using hand gestures

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